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CPM's anatase and rutile grades are available in powder and granular forms. They are packaged in 50 lb. repulpable paper bags, 25 kg (55 lb.) polypropylene bags, or one metric ton (2,205 lb.) super sacks.

CPM's TiO2 products are available for immediate shipment from conveniently located US warehouses.

A-25 Anatase Powder

A-25 anatase has a purity of 98% min. and a mean particle size in the range of 0.25 to 0.30 microns. It exhibits excellent opacity, whiteness and brightness. A-25 anatase is easily dispersed in aqueous applications and is suitable for use in paper, chalking paints, leather finishes, rubber, electro-ceramics and concrete curing compounds.

A-300F Anatase Powder

A-300F anatase has a purity of 98% min. and a particle size distribution around an average of 0.3 microns specifically designed for use in synthetic fiber delustering. It is suitable for use in polyamide, polyester, and cellulose-viscose fibers.

4010 Granular

4010 is a 99.5% min. purity, free flowing, non-dusting granular specifically engineered for optical clarity. 4010 finds application in fiber optics, specialty glass, ceramics and other glass manufacturing processes requiring high purity and very low quantities of transition (color-forming) elements.

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