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R-602 Rutile Pigment

R-602 rutile contains 93% min. TiO2 with silica and alumina inorganic and hydrophilic organic surface treatments. It is used in water based paints and in high quality paper.

R-606 Rutile Universal Pigment

R-606 rutile contains 93% min. TiO2 plus aluminum and zirconium surface treatments.  It is a universal pigment designed to provide superior durability and stability, high gloss and opacity, and excellent dispersibility.  R-606 rutile is suitable for use in paint coatings, inks, and plastics.

Other Sulfate Process TiO2 Grades

Additional pigmentary and non-pigmentary anatase and rutile grades can be made available for purchase in North America for use in a wide variety of applications.

Anatase Slurry

CPM's A-25 anatase powder is available as a 72% solids slurry through cooperating formulators.

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